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The Benefits to Lowering Contractual Risk

Your knowledge and ability to guide your clients, prospects, or company by lowering their risk and getting them better insurance terms will allow you to write more business and retain your best clients (as an agent/broker), reduce your company's long-term costs (as a risk manager), or give your clients much stronger legal protection (as a legal professional).

We will show you exactly how to do that and give you the tools to make it as fast and easy as possible.

Less Exposure to Loss

Pushing back on contract terms from upstream parties and transferring risk to downstream ones reduces frequency and severity of a loss.

Better Insurance Coordination

Ensure the coverage matches what is being requested and reduce the chance of a surprise problem when there is a loss.

Enhanced Renewal Results

Reduced risk for the client is reduced risk for the carrier. Show them how your client is best-in-class so that you can get better terms.

Who Is Contract Risk Academy For?

Agents & Brokers

We are dedicated to serving agents and brokers who take a risk management-approach to insurance. We strongly believe that insurance is one of many forms of risk management, and the best way to impact a client's insurance program long-term is to implement proactive strategies to lower their risk profile.

The advisors who practice risk management (and don't just say it to sell an insurance policy) are the ones who can make a material impact on their client's performance. They can create a safer and more effective business and are a true partner to their clients.

Diving deep into the art of Contract Risk Management gives you an opportunity to be equipped with a very powerful tool in your risk management toolbox. It is an area where your competitors likely only skim the surface, and yet it has arguably the greatest impact of any proactive strategy you can take.

If you want to bring a deep level of expertise to help your clients and prospects reduce the contractual risks that they face, then Contract Risk Academy is for you.

Risk Managers & Legal Professionals

We are committed to empowering corporate risk managers and legal professionals who champion a proactive, strategic approach to risk management. Our philosophy recognizes that managing risk extends far beyond traditional measures, integrating comprehensive strategies that profoundly influence your company's risk profile.

For those in corporate risk management and legal sectors, it’s not just about understanding risk, it's about actively shaping strategies that significantly enhance your organization's resilience and operational effectiveness. You are the vital element in crafting a safer, more robust business environment, acting as a pivotal advisor within your organization.

Delving into the nuances of Contract Risk Management opens a door to a potent addition to your professional skillset. This is a domain where many may only grasp the basics, yet it is a field with immense potential to transform your organization's risk strategies proactively.

If you are driven to master the complexities of contractual risk, to guide your organization in navigating these challenges effectively, then Contract Risk Academy is your destination. Join us, and set yourself apart with unparalleled expertise in a field where others merely tread the surface.


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Noelle McCall, CIC, CRM, CISR

Noelle McCall is the Director of Contract Risk Management for Peoples First Insurance in Rock Hill, SC. In her prior roles, she served as the National Practice Leader for Contract Review at Marsh and Aon. She also holds a BBA with a major in Contracts and Acquisitions and a minor in International Business.

Noelle provides creative and effective contract review consulting solutions to clients by focusing on each client’s needs and contractual risk transfer preferences, and designing client-customized contract review tools, templates, and training to simplify, streamline the review process and reduce client’s contractual risk. She is also exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence for contract review. 

Noelle has worked with many large businesses within a broad array of industries, including construction, energy, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, communications, media, and technology. 



“As a trusted risk advisor, you owe it to your clients to bring contract risk management to the forefront. Why? Contract risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the risks and uncertainties associated with contractual agreements and obligations. Enter Noelle McCall, the foremost expert in the country. She is uniquely positioned to partner with you to deliver this value-added service.”

Scott Addis, CPCU, CRA, ACRA, TRA, ASA
Founder of Beyond Insurance Global Network

"It is hard to find the words that describe Noelle’s talent! She is fiercely driven and one of the smartest people I have come across in this industry. 

When my clients have complex questions around their contracts and risk management strategy, Noelle is my go to person! It feels refreshing to have an expert on my team!"

David Foster
Three Arbor Insurance

"I had the pleasure of working with Noelle as a risk manager for a consulting firm. The level of contract review support she was able to provide our clients was unmatched by anything I’ve seen in the industry. Her novel approach covered all aspects of insurance and risk management typically found in our client’s contracts. I’d highly recommend Noelle to any client with contract review needs."

Benjamin Vallen, JD, ARM-E CRIS, AIS, AIC

"I have known Noelle for the majority of my 25 years at Coca-Cola Consolidated. She was a tremendous asset to us when she worked for our broker at the time. Noelle’s attention to detail and ability to see the big picture is invaluable. She is dedicated to her clients and deserving of the trust we put in her."

Jeanie Norman
Risk Management & Treasury, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

"I have worked with Noelle for years. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow in her insurance career. She amazes me with her insurance knowledge, especially as it relates to contractual requirements."

DeAnna McCann, CIC, CRM, ARM 
Project Equity and Private Acquisitions

"Noelle was responsible for servicing our clients in the North Carolina region for several years. We were always very satisfied with her work and can only recommend her."

Guido Woop
Account Manager
Funk International GmbH

Our Offerings

Monthly Webinars on Managing Contractual Risk

These live training sessions will teach you knowledge and strategies to help your clients with contract risk management and contract review. Webinars will also include Q&A time, practice quizzes to test your learning, and action items to apply what you learned immediately.

Course: How to Build Your Own Matrix

Supercharge the contract review process of your client’s upstream contracts! A Matrix will cut your client's contract review time by 50% or more, while giving specific instructions about what to do when they see cautionary wording in contracts based on the contents of their insurance policies. This has been one of Noelle's secret weapons for years, and now she will teach you how to make one yourself. 

Tools and Templates

Accelerate your review process with our user-friendly tools and templates. Simplify contract reviews, mitigate risks, and receive expert guidance on strategic decisions. This popular offering includes ready-made insurance requirements for your client's subcontractors and vendors, complete with best practices, coverage explanations, suggested wording, policy limits, and negotiation tactics.


Connect with others to discuss the class lessons and other topics, get answers to your questions, and share your victories.

Group Coaching Calls

Twice-a-month sessions. Bring your questions, contracts, success stories, and more.

All Webinars, Tools, and Templates 

The following are all of the recorded webinars, tools, and templates that current members have access to. New content is continuously being added!
(Updated 7/11/24)

Membership Options

For Agents & Brokers:


$500/mo per Agency

(Valued at $3,250/mo + $1,500)

  • Monthly Webinars with supplementary materials recorded for future use ($2,000/mo value)
  • Group coaching calls (2x/mo) ($500/mo value)
  • 25+ Tools and templates to easily apply what you have learned ($500/mo value)
  • Access to a Community for ongoing discussion and Q&A ($250/mo value)
  • Bonus Course: How to Build Your Own Matrix ($1,500 value)
  • 1-hour Guided Tour of Website Offerings ($250 value)



To Fit Your Agency's Specific Needs

  • Access to Accelerate tier
  • Integrate Contract Risk Management into your sales process
  • "Phone a Friend" to have Noelle review contracts as needed
  • 1-on-1 training and coaching for production team
  • Build custom tools to fast-track reviews for your largest clients
  • Bring in Noelle as part of your team with a client
  • Respond to RFPs
  • And more!

Get 2 Months Free with Our Annual Option:

Accelerate (Annual)


$5,000 Billed Annually

(Valued at $40,500)


For Risk Managers & Legal Professionals:


Unparalleled support to protect your company or your legal clients from contractual risk issues

  • Webinars on topics that help you integrate insurance, risk management, and the legal sides of contracts
  • Draft or update insurance requirements in contracts
  • Review your contracts from an insurance and risk-related perspective
  • Access to tools that streamline your processes
  • Group coaching calls
  • "Phone a Friend" to have Noelle review contracts as needed
  • Answer questions as they come up 
  • Customized training presentations
  • Help draft RFPs for your company
  • And more!

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